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Are Discontinued Car Brands Worth More?

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Once your car has stopped working or requires too much work, you’re probably looking for an upgrade.

Replacing your car is one thing, but getting rid of your old car can be a nuisance.

It does not do you any favors to leave the car sitting in a garage, driveway, or yard.

And often, the longer you let your car sit, the more it will devalue.

If you have thought about getting rid of it, you have probably wondered how to go about doing so. Towing the car to a junkyard will get it out of your yard, but can be quite expensive.

And, there are considerations to be made. One consideration is the type of car you own.

When that car you are holding on to is a discontinued model, your options for getting rid of it open up considerably. One of the best things you can do is sell your discontinued model at a good rate to a scrapper.

So, how do you sell your discontinued car to a scrapper? And how do you know what your vehicle is worth? We have the answers below.


How Can You Get Rid of Your Discontinued Car?

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There are several ways you can go about getting rid of your discontinued car.

One way is to sell it to a private seller who may be looking for that particular car.

This will not bring in as much money as some of the other options, and it is a lot more work.

Once a car maker stops producing a model, the market for that vehicle becomes very niche.

So, unless you have a collectible model, the chances are slim that you will make a quick and easy sale.

A buyer looking for a commuter car might also pass your discontinued vehicle up because parts are more expensive and harder to replace if something goes wrong.

Other newer models will get dealer upgrades and likely better servicing.

That brings us to why your car is valuable to a car scrapper.

The fact that parts for a discontinued model become scarce means that your unused vehicle is highly desirable to a scrapper. In fact, you might get a decent cash offer for your car.

That beats having it rust on your property or paying out cash for a tow to a junkyard, doesn't it?

When to Sell Your Discontinued Car

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Though you will not get a trade-in price for your car, having a couple of hundred dollars in your pocket and the vehicle removed from your property is a huge bonus.

So, now that you know your car is valuable to a car junker, you will want to get as much for it as you can.

The time of year that you sell your vehicle can impact the amount you get for it. A vehicle with all-wheel drive or 4x4 like an SUV, truck, or some car models will fetch more in colder weather.

On the other hand, a convertible or sporty vehicle becomes more desirable in warm weather.

Watch the price of gas, too. When the price of gas dips, the price you will get for your car goes up because a scrapper will pay less for the gas required to tow your vehicle.

Keep in mind, however, that the price for junk cars ebbs and flows. So waiting to sell your car can be risky, especially considering that vehicles exposed to the elements begin to depreciate.

Your tires may become brittle, the exterior paint can fade, your seats might start to fade or split, and you risk wire-chewing rodents making a home from your car.

All of these factors contribute to the offer you will get for your junk car.

Rather than waiting for the 'right time,' choose to contact a company that will offer you cash for your car and take it off your hands.

Is Your Discontinued Car Roadworthy?

Writing off your car in an accident means that it is not safe or legal to drive on the roads, but it might still be drivable.

If the latter is the case, you might get a higher rate for your vehicle. This is because you can drive the vehicle to the scrapper instead of it being towed, which is a costly operation for the scrapper.

Price of Scrap Metal

Your discontinued car parts are valuable to a scrapper, but the scrap metal composition is also worth something.

Your car comprises many different metals, including copper, steel, platinum, and aluminum—each with practical uses and, therefore, a market value on which your offer is partially based.

The average car is composed of over 2000 pounds of steel. Scrappers can resell this metal, which is why a car scrapper will base the offer for your junk car on the current price of scrap metal.

The weight of your vehicle and the types of metals will determine how much you can get: the heavier, the better.

Selling Your Car for Salvage

If you are junking a compact or lightweight, discontinued vehicle, you can still get a reasonable price for it.

If your car still has sound, working parts, it will have a higher value to a scrapper who will, in turn, salvage those parts and resell them.

The value of your car increases if it is a discontinued model because the parts are so hard to find.

When a scrapper buys your car, the salvageable parts are stripped and will probably be used to fix another vehicle of the same model or even the same maker.

It is common for auto parts to outlast the car, and even things like the bumper or window mechanisms are helpful when in good condition.

Other parts that can be sold for salvage by a scrapper are the onboard GPS, starter, stereo system, and alternator.


Sell Your Car to a Respectable Car Scrapper

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Your discontinued scrap car is not getting any more valuable as it takes up your space and possibly money.

It just makes sense to let a reputable car scrapper like Cash 4 Cars take it off of your hands.

A car junker will buy your vehicle, running or not. Find a professional company like Cash 4 Cars that will appraise your vehicle, including its weight and the parts that can be salvaged, to get the best offer for your discontinued vehicle.

Contact Cash 4 Cars today.


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