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Top 8 Car Companies for Scrappers

When your car has reached the end of its usefulness to you, it can take up space in your garage or driveway. This can be unsightly, and it can also take the space you need for other things (like a new car). Even though you know you won't get a lot for the car, selling it to a junker or scrapyard will get you a little back.

Have you ever wondered what kind of market there is in scrapping for your make and model? Or, wondered just how popular your car is to scrappers? Unfortunately, you can't turn to the Blue Book to determine a junk value for vehicles. Still, we have compiled a list of the most popular car brands for scrappers. Check it out below!


Determining the Value of Your Junk Car

What is the Year, Make, and Model?

Before discussing the top car companies that scrappers are looking for, it is essential to mention the value placed on your vehicle's year, make, and model.

The year, make, and model of your car are the biggest factors that determine the price you will get for it. If the vehicle is still driven and popular or is a rare car, its value will be higher than one that is not.

Another reason that the year, make, and model is important for your car's value to a scrapper is because the materials used in car composition change quite often. Many vehicles are now manufactured using plastics (some better for the environment than others). In contrast, older cars were made with aluminum and steel. Parts on an older vehicle may be worth more since they can be used for similarly older car parts at a reasonable price.

What is the Price of Scrap Metal?

You probably haven't thought about the price of scrap metal recently, but it will have a significant impact on the price you will get for your scrap car.

Even a car that can't be driven can be turned into scrap metal, as we mentioned above. Vehicles are mostly made of metal. In fact, there are almost 2500 pounds of steel and 300 pounds of aluminum in a vehicle. Your vehicle may possibly also have iron, lead, or even platinum that can be turned into scrap.

The weight of these metals will determine how much you can get. If you drive a compact car, it will have less metal than a heavier full-sized truck. You can get an idea of the exact weight of your vehicle by looking in your owner's manual.

The price of scrap metal fluctuates depending on the state of the market. If your car is scrapped during a buyer's market, it will fetch a lower price than a seller's market. The market can vary based on your regional economy or that of the US.

Where are You Located?

The value of your car is determined by weight and the price of steel, which can vary based on location This is based on a couple of elements:

  • Popular vehicles in your region

  • How far your car will need to be towed

  • Price of scrap metal in your region

What is the Condition of Your Vehicle?

Scrappers will be interested in the condition of your vehicle before making an offer. The better shape your car is in, the more the scrapper can do with it. However, that doesn't mean you should just sign your car over if it is in bad shape—there are several ways that a scrapper may use your car:

  • The vehicle can be restored and resold

  • The parts can be removed and sold

  • The vehicle can be turned into scrap metal

If your car is driveable, it will be worth more to a scrapper than one that is not. If the car is not driveable, its specific condition (engine, alternator, etc...) will determine its price. Often, an unserviceable car is not worth fixing. Still, to a scrapper, if certain parts are working, they may still find it desirable and be able to fix it. If your vehicle has a significant amount of rust or body damage, it will probably be turned into scrap parts.

What is the Demand for Parts in Your Area?

If it has been determined that your car can't be affordably restored, your car parts still carry value. From the battery to the radio and even door handles, almost every part of your car can be taken and reused.

If this is the case, get your vehicle to a scrapper sooner rather than later, as the longer you wait, the more your parts may decline.

If your make or model of car is frequently in demand, you will be offered more for your vehicle. However, scrappers know the car parts that do not get resold and will provide you with a lower offer if your vehicle belongs to this category.

The Top 8 Car Companies to a Scrapper

1. Toyota/Lexus

Toyata Logo - Cash 4 cars

Toyota vehicles are the most sought-after cars by scrappers. Lexus, which mainly uses Toyota parts, is also popular.

The reason for the popularity is that Toyota is among the best-selling vehicles. In almost every category, Toyotas are known to be long-lasting.

Therefore, the demand for parts is much higher than others. You can be sure that scrappers are always looking for Toyota and Lexus vehicles for their resale value on parts.

2. Ford

Ford Logo - Cash 4 cars

Ford is synonymous with the USA. One of the first car companies to produce cars for the mass market, Ford is beloved by American consumers. Therefore, scrappers love Ford vehicles.

3. Honda

Honda Logo - Cash 4 cars

Hondas are symbolic of longevity, and therefore Honda vehicles are a desired vehicle for scrap parts.

4. Chevrolet/GMC

GMC logo - Cash 4 cars

Just as Ford is known for being American, Chevy shares the same love as an American car company. GMC is a close second in terms of desirability for scrappers.

5. Kia

KIA Motors - Cash 4 cars

Kia vehicles have a low price point. Because they are so accessible, they have gained popularity in the last decade and are needed by scrappers.

6. Hyundai

Hyundai Logo - Cash 4 cars

Hyundai offers the same features as more luxurious car companies at a lower price. There is a demand for these vehicles as a result.

7. Mazda

Mazda - Cash 4 cars

Mazda vehicles are known for their reliability; so if you have a Mazda, chances are, you will get an offer from a scrapper.

8. Volkswagen

Volkswagen Logo - Cash 4 cars

Volkswagens are reliable, well-built, and safe, so there is no surprise that they are a popular car company and needed by scrappers.


Cash 4 Cars Will Give You More

Cash 4 Cars Logo

Cash 4 Cars buys scrap cars and gives you the best value for your vehicle. If you are ready to clear the space where your junk car is sitting, give Cash 4 Cars a call.

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